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WHO IS PATTY? ... the extended version

Patty is a two-time Gemini Award winning television personality. She has hosted shows for every demographic from preschool to adult, both live and pre-taped programs, on television and online. And the subject matter she has tackled over the years is just as diverse; educational concepts, pop culture, sketch comedy, bullying, phone-in contests and charitable telethons, just to name a few. 


Patty has interviewed children and politicians, authors and astronauts, scientists and musicians. She has performed across Canada, entertaining families in every province and territory. Yup, even Nunavut!  You name it and Patty has probably been there, done that, met them. And, fully ignoring the W.C. Fields saying "never work with kids or animals", Patty has done both.

Though her parents thought she would be a veterinarian (because that's what she said she was going to be!) Patty is a writer, a producer, a singer, dancer, and actor with a passion for musical theatre. Live theatre and live television give her the biggest adrenaline rush. Probably because just about anything can happen. (Be sure to ask her about the time a light in the studio caught on fire!) She has been fortunate enough to grace the stages of both the Toronto Fringe Festival and Toronto's historic Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre.  Oh, and Mom and Dad are okay with her career choice now.

Patty has been invited to emcee numerous charitable events and be a guest speaker at colleges and universities. She has recently begun working as an influencer with companies and brands. Communicating with an audience is what she does best, and with a degree in broadcasting, she brings a wealth of expertise to any project.

She also brings with her a bright smile. Who doesn't love a smile?

Born in Burlington Ontario, today Patty calls Toronto home. She lives with her husband and two beautiful daughters.  She loves movies, dogs, food (the eating part), a good wine (to go with the food!), going to the theatre and travelling. And remember that adrenaline rush she loves? Skydiving. Patty's done that too.

Here are some of the folks Patty has worked with:

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