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Recently, we surprised the kids with a little something for our backyard.

To say they were happy would be an understatement! The screams of “A TRAMPOLINE!!” could be heard by all the neighbours. And we didn’t just get any trampoline; we got the world’s safest trampoline, a Springfree Trampoline.

But the question that always comes up after we tell people the news is “Why? Why did you get a trampoline?”


One of the biggest challenges we have with our two daughters is that their 4-year age difference makes it difficult to find things they can both enjoy. If the youngest one wants to play with something, the older one grumpily says it’s too “babyish” for her. And if the eldest is interested in playing a game of her choosing, it’s often too difficult for our youngest to fully participate, or it’s frustrating, or simply boring to her!

Enter the trampoline!

It not only gets them outside (don't we all want that?), but also solves our "common interest" problem!

THIS is something that both our girls can enjoy! There is absolutely no debate about it.

They can each take turns jumping how they please (there’s a “one-at-a-time” rule of course!), they can challenge each other to jump higher or faster or longer, or in any other myriad of ways! In fact, what I have found especially surprising, is that the trampoline can be used as a learning tool! Yes, you heard me, a trampoline can be educational.


Thanks to the trampoline, our youngest is able to work on some of the most basic but essential learning milestones, like teamwork, sharing and taking turns. She’s developing her balance and, when she uses the Springfree basketball net accessory, she’s also mastering coordination and problem solving!

But these are just the obvious educational benefits. What we hadn’t realized, was that the kids would make up their own learning games! The little one recites her ABC’s as she jumps, or challenges herself to see how high she can count as she bounds around! And big sister tries to spell a word without making a mistake, or do her times tables… but if she goofs, it’s little sister’s turn!

With a little imagination, the educational games are limitless!


And, to make things even more incredible,

Springfree themselves have brought education to the trampoline with their optional gaming system “tgoma”, which

stands for “take gaming outside and make it active”.

And by downloading the free tgoma app, kids can connect their tablet to the trampoline, and play brain testing games while jumping! It's a great new way to play!

You want educational? How about

“Math Hopper”, where kids can actually practice math skills as they jump! Or, for the younger set they have “Stickers”, designed for young jumpers to create shapes and sounds.

And there are five other digital games for use with the Springfree Trampoline too. There’s something for every member of the family.


Answering the question “why did you get a Springfree trampoline?” is easy. It’s safe, fun, healthy, educational, and great for the whole family. So the question you might want to ask yourself instead is “Why wouldn’t you get one?”

For more information on Springfree Trampolines featuring tgoma, click here.

Although this post has been generously sponsored by Springfree Trampolines, the opinions and language are my own.


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